Short Term Rental Design & CoHosting

Good Design, Strategic Marketing, and Well-Oiled Operations Plans for Short Term Rental Hosts

Increase revenue potential of your short term rental

Take the guess work out of acheiving the highest revenue potential for your short term rental. You have the space, but you don’t have to be the STR expert – that’s why we’re here!

Great guest experience through good design

We’ll map out your guest experience from initial point of contact to check-out and pinpoint the opportunities to re-design your space & operations for optimal guest enjoyment.

Guarantee positive reviews by nailing the little details

Bring in five-star reviews and encourage viral social sharing when your guests are delighted that you thought of the little details that make their stay the best it can be.



COST: 28% of each booking payout + $500 initiation fee
Durham, NC Only

This package includes:

  • Set up and management of your listing on Airbnb, optimized to increase occupancy rate and ADR
  • Management of your booking calendar
  • All guest communications from booking to check-out, including 24-7 guest support during their stay
  • Management of amenities, personalized touches for each guest, and supply upkeep
  • Coordination of cleaning services and turnover
  • Property inspections after each stay
  • Management of maintenance and emergency repairs


We are available to provide expert advice on short-term rental set-up, design, operations, and optimization in Durham and beyond. If you aim to operate your short-term rental on your own but would like a helping hand with the initial setup, or if you have an existing short-term rental that is underperforming, we would love to help!

We build custom consulting packages based on your needs, so drop us a line if you would like to set up a free initial consultation to begin this type of working relationship with us!

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So Well Appointed is a full-service Airbnb co-hosting partner for homeowners in Durham, NC, and a short-term rental consulting firm for hosts across the US. Our goal is to maximize revenue for the homeowner and we believe this is best accomplished by focusing on guest experience by providing excellent service from booking to checkout. As our name suggests, we maintain high standards for guest amenities and pay attention to every little detail in each property to differentiate our properties from other Airbnb stays and foster repeat guests.

Communication and relationship building is our number one tool for success. Guests who feel welcomed, seen, and appreciated take excellent care of the home during their stay and leave 5-star reviews every time. Over time, this generates more earning potential for each property.

We push for an average stay of 4+ nights rather than more frequent turnovers on shorter stays in order to lower the cost per reservation by reducing cleaning and restocking costs.

We utilize the tools provided by Airbnb to screen guests in good standing or further vet guests who are new to the platform with individualized communications rather than impersonal automated responses.

Our service area is small to maintain high standards of guest communication and respond to guest issues promptly.

As your co-host, we believe it’s essential for you to own your listing (it will be tied to your Airbnb account), and thus all the reviews we generate for you stay with your listing even if you choose not to utilize our co-hosting services in the future.

The So Well Appointed team is led by Amy & Elizabeth, two avid travelers who know how to be great guests and in that, really know when they see hosting done right.  Amy has worked in marketing and customer experience mapping & design for almost 20 years and Elizabeth brings a couple of decades of experience as a planner and manager, in addition to her impeccable design sense.  When you hire So Well Appointed, you’re getting a customized consultant team ready to evaluate your unique STR situation and create a plan specifically to achieve success in your market. We believe the human touch is what makes STR stays so enjoyable – a successful STR is not generated by an automated system. It’s lovingly cared for by human beings, and sometimes, it takes a village! We’d be honored to be a part of your village.


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