Setting up The  Kitchen

Eating in is a huge draw for travellers who chose short term rentals over hotels.  In fact a 2016 survey from Trip Advisor, showed that travelers feel that short term rentals save them money by allowing them to eat in.  This means that good reviews hinge on a clean, well-stocked and functional kitchen. Whether you cater to the business traveler who needs a glass of wine to unwind after work and a supercharged cup of coffee before a meeting, or couples on a romantic getaway looking to make a cozy dinner or breakfast in bed, stocking the kitchen with the right equipment is critical to short term rental success. Don’t overlook the opportunity to express your brand in kitchen.  Use design elements such as color and styles that align with your brand, and ditch anything that just doesn’t fit in. 

We’ve developed a checklist of items of a fully stocked short term rental kitchen.  

If you offer outdoor amenities such as a pool or hot tub you may want to supplement with unbreakable melamine dishes and barware that are clearly meant to travel to the outdoors. 

Electric tea kettle

An often over looked kitchen appliance that makes a huge difference for guests is an Electric tea kettle. They are a great option for short term rentals because they generate their own heat and boil water more quickly than a stove top kettle. They are simple to use, with boiling water at the press of a button, and the units are cool to touch.  Also, most come with an automatic shut off, which is a nice safety feature. Include a tea box with an assortment of caffeinated and herbal teas, and your guests will be delighted by this tiny detail that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. 

What to Keep in the Pantry and Fridge?

This is a judgment call and the answer depends on what expectations you are setting up by the rate you charge.  At a minimum, coffee, tea, sugar and some sort of creamer are critical. Providing locally sourced, fresh coffee and/or a six pack of locally brewed beer is a great way to delight guests.   You can also, provide oatmeal or other dry goods that can last a little longer for guests that might arrive hungry. We also recommend providing cooking oil, salt and pepper, basic spices and herbs, flour and ketchup and mustard.