Design Tips for Short Term Rentals

To ensure maximum appeal, select neutral colors for walls and natural woods for furnishings. Choose pops of colors in rugs, pillows and other accent pillows. Its often easy to start with a statement piece such as a painting, piece of furniture, or piece of pottery, which you can use use to select complimenting colors for the other items in the room.  Hang mirrors in strategic spots to add light and make your place appear more spacious. Leave space in the hallways from the front door to the bedroom(s) so that baggage doesn’t scrape against walls and furniture.   

Somewhere in the house set up a desk with a chair, lamp and electronic charging station.  This is especially important if you are focused on business travelers.  

Use art to express your brand and make your space stand out.  We strongly advise against personal items such as wedding photos, however art that is unique and tells a story about your home brings authenticity and can help your listing stand out online.  For example, if your unit is branded for family-friendly travel, including unique wall art that will delight children and not annoy parents will really increase your guests’ enjoyment of the space.