Do you advertise your short-term rental as a kid-friendly place to stay? Inviting children into your home can be a little nerve wracking for some STR hosts, but it sure does add value to your rental and open up a new market! If you decide to go into the kid-friendly space, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind:

A kid friendly rental should have a few key basic ingredients right off the bat:

  1. An appropriately decorated kids‘ room with twin beds, with fully encasing mattress covers
  2. A crib or pack-n-play with sheets that can be stored away and pulled out for a sleeping baby if needed
  3. Diaper changing station with a changing pad that uses removable covers that you can launder (with gentle detergent safe for babies!) between guests (and remember to add that to your cleaning checklist!)
  4. Dirty diaper pail (or instructions for how to otherwise dispose of them)
  5. Nightlights in the kids’ rooms and bathrooms
  6. Unbreakable plates and cups, and forks and spoons for small hands
  7. Games, puzzles and other fun activities
  8. Children’s books
  9. Baby gates, for sure if the unit has stairs, but nice for all kid-friendly units
  10. First aid kit in well-identified area

There are also a few things that your unit should NOT have/do when you’re in the kid-friendly market:

  1. Breakable/Valuable items in easy to reach places
  2. Sharp kitchen tools (knives, graters, etc) in low drawers/cabinets
  3. Cleaning supplies in low drawers/cabinets

Wanna add some special sauce to your kid-friendly rental? You know we love that! Here are some of our ideas:

  1. Whimsical throw pillows and blankets in the living spaces
  2. Wall art that coordinates with your overall décor and brand, that will delight children and parents alike.
  3. An outdoor play area with fun activities that are safe for all ages (chalk, corn hole, ball games)
  4. Include local area children’s attractions (parks, playgrounds, museums, etc) in your guest book
  5. Baby-proofing mechanisms like outlet covers and cabinet locks
  6. A high chair that can be stowed away
  7. Natural soaps and other toiletries that won’t irritate young skin