Can you believe the holidays are here?  It’s mid-November, and around here that means the most magical time of the year… college basketball season has started… but I digress.

Soon we’ll be eating cranberry sauce and standing under the mistletoe.  At this time of the year, every short term rental owner is challenged with the question “Do I decorate my unit or not?”   We think the answer is yes, but we’ll qualify that with a few guidelines.

1) Keep it simple.
Don’t overdo it.  A few small gourds in a bowl or artfully arranged dried leaves for Thanksgiving.  A simple wreath can be decorated with a color appropriate bow.  Fill a glass bowl with shiny Christmas ornaments and battery powered twinkle lights to bring in a little sparkle.  Like live plants, a live Christmas tree requires maintenance and upkeep so is not a great choice, instead consider a small artificial tabletop tree if you really want a tree.


2) Keep it clean
The kitchen and bathroom are great places to add holiday decor.  Consider switching out hand soaps with a holiday themed bar soapwith a light Christmas tree fragrance.  Cute holiday hand towelsand tea towels also provide cheer.

3) Choose a color scheme
At your home,  eclectic, mismatched decorations collected over time are a cozy, familiar touch, but your guests will probably be more comfortable with more sophisticated holiday decor. So, pick a color scheme and stick with it.  I love red and white. But, red and green, are nice. too; and blue and silver, and silver and gold are awesome choices for wintery feels that bring a festive touch without the nod to one specific holiday. 

4) Don’t be precious
As always when furnishing a short term rental, keep in mind that things may get broken or go missing.  Choose unbreakable ornaments and keep the price point low. These Ikea ornaments available through Amazon are a great choice satisfying both requirements.

5) Keep it timely
Make sure to take down decorations promptly.  A guest showing up in mid-January is very likely ready to move beyond the holidays and start their new year! Left over holiday decorations will likely leave the impression of laziness on the part of the host. 

And on the flip side, don’t put up your decorations too early, either. Nice fall and Thanksgiving themed decor can take the stage in November, and then the Christmas and/or wintery decor can have all the spotlights until the New Year.

In conclusion, we do advise you that decorating for the winter holidays in your short term rental is a great idea. Done well, without overdoing it, can create a delightfully festive space for your guests to enjoy their stay around the holidays.