Providing quick and easy access to WIFI is essential in today’s highly connected world, even when folks are on vacation.  I recall one very frustrating experience trying to enter in the password for the WIFI at a beautiful A-frame rental in the mountains of North Carolina. The password was painfully long — full of capital and lower cases letters, numbers, and symbols. I was practically ready to throw my phone through the window when my third attempt left me rejected again.  I know I eventually got it, and I had to because there was no cell service on that mountain so it was my only method of connection, but it sure did put a damper on my first half hour in the rental!

Lucky for you, there’s a really awesome way to make it easy on your guests and avoid that dreaded grumble of frustration.  There’s a free tool on the internet that will generate a QR code that automatically allows the scanning device to join your network.

Here’s how you can make one of your own:

  • Go here: https://qifi.org/
  • Enter your network ID (SSID) and password (key).
  • Click Generate
  • Click Export to get a .png file of the QR code that you can add to your document or click print to just print the code as is.

We recommend that you export and add the file to a document that also includes the network ID and password, just in case folks don’t have QR scanning technology. Most phones and tablets today have that tech built right into the camera (iPhone) or as an easy to download app (Android), but laptops often do not.  For those cases, it’s also very helpful if you’re able to make your password simple so that it’s not a total pain in the rear to enter.

Here’s the sign we created for a client (QR code inactive for security). We recommend you put a sign like this in a few places so that no matter where a guest instinctively thinks to look for it, they’ll find it.

  • On the refrigerator.
  • In your guest book.
  • Near the internet modem if it’s accessible to guests.
  • On or near nightstands – for those who haven’t yet plugged in but want to do a quick email check or facebook cruise before they go to sleep. They’ll thank you for not making them get back out of bed!

Want some help creating a sign like this for your rental? We’re happy to help! For a $25 fee we’ll take your network info that you provide to us, generate your QR code, and customize a sign for you – adding the name of your rental, a logo if you have one, and a color scheme to match your décor.  We’ll send you a PDF file that you can print.  For an extra $8, we’ll print and mail up to 4 signs directly to you!

QR Code Wifi Credentials Sign Request Form

This info is case sensitive - double check capital and lower case letters for accuracy. We will request your password separately, after we receive your request, for security purposes.
You may upload a photograph of your decor to help guide color scheme if you wish.
Provide your full mailing address if you wish to have your files printed and delivered by mail.
We can't guarantee we can honor your special request, but we're happy to try!


If you’d like to order a customized QR Code WIFI sign for your short term rental, there’s a form at the bottom of this article. We’d love to help improve your guest experience at unit!