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The worldwide COVID response may mean that you have an empty Short Term Rental unit right now. It’s a total bummer, but perhaps it’s a good time to take a good look at how your unit is appointed and see if there are improvements you could make now to help you jump off on a better foot once this is all over. Our bathroom checklist, originally published in our Getting Started guide is a great review tool here.

We’ve put together a shopping list below of some of our favorite items that fulfill this checklist!

Basic Ingredients

Get started with the Basic Ingredients to make sure that your guests aren’t disappointed that something simple is missing.


Icing on Top

Add icing on top with items that feel more luxurious and show that you really want your guests to use the kitchen with ease.


Secret Sauce

Finish up with the Secret Sauce that will stop your guests in their tracks as they say “Wow. This host thought of everything!”