I recently purchased a Ruggable rug for my kitchen.  Ruggables are great solutions for high traffic areas because they are washable.  The rug is made up of two parts: a top layer, which is a thick decorative fabric rug that easily peels off of the bottom rug pad, which grips to the  floor and also holds the top layer in place.

This is not a paid product review. It’s simply my opinion of the experience I’ve had so far with Ruggable, and how I think their products would do in short term rentals, like yours.


I’ll be honest, I had resisted this product for a while, because I try hard to purchase both natural and/or sustainable products and their website and advertising features little or no information on the company’s sustainability profile.  However, I made a calculation that investing in something that is reusable and will last over time was still a sustainable choice.  My Ruggable came quickly and was packaged nicely in a cardboard box, there was  plastic wrap to keep the rug and and rug pads rolled up, but it was not excessive.

Further, much to my surprise the information inserted in the box included  info on the company’s commitment to sustainability.  The rug pad is made from 95% recycled polyester and boxes made with 67% recycled materials.  Plus, Ruggable planted 100,000 trees this year to help offset their carbon footprint.  I’m not sure why they bury the lead on sustainability, but this information would help drive decision making for consumers like me (and Amy).  Also, the rugs are manufactured from imported materials in the United States.


Ruggable offers a ton of designs which are definitely on trend, like Ikat and buffalo plaid.  That said, I found the colors to be a bit muddy and muted. I ended up choosing black and white buffalo plaid for the kitchen, because it had a tile-like feeling, but there were many other choices that would work.  One fun thing about rugable is that once you have a pad you can order the top part only, which allows you to easily change your rug on a whim or with a new season.  They  even offer holiday-specific rugs if you are into that sort of thing.

Putting it Together

The company offers both graphic designs of how to assemble the rug and videos on the website.  It worked well and took just a few minutes.


The rug I ordered was a chenille weave and is soft to the touch.  It works well for the kitchen, but I might pick the plush for a playroom or leaving room.


These rugs are pretty affordable, especially considering washability and reusability.  The most expensive size, an 8’x10’ cost about $399.

Customer Service

Ruggable has a fairly generous 30 day return policy, but they do want the rugs back in perfect condition. I liked my rug enough to keep it, so I didn’t test this policy.  They did seem very responsive when I emailed them with a few questions.

In the end, I would recommend a Ruggable rug for a short term rental owner looking to add padding and color in a kitchen and or hall.  I can imagine them being great choices at beach houses, even to just be able to pick up the top and shake it out.  In terms of design, the colors are a bit muted, but they have plenty of nice designs available.  All in all, I give Ruggables a thumbs up.