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Given that folks are currently not going in to the office, many people are choosing to head to far off destinations to work and, in some cases, folks are renting short term rentals in their own neighborhoods to get away from crowded and ill equiped homes and have a quiet place for Zoom calls.  If your rentals are down or you simply want to cast a wider net for guests, consider tailoring your rental to business travellers and renters interested in working from a stylish and comforrable AirBnB.  Below are a few key pieces to invest in to set up a great home office space.

  • Art that pulls your look together and provides a sophisticated backdrop for video calls
  • A handmade, but amazingly affordable desk from Appel Shop on Etsy 
  • A decent guest lamp, with USB and pwer plug for convenient access
  • Stapler and tape disnpenser in cool colors to sit on top of the desk
  • Desk organizer to keep paper and things tidy
  • GOOD wifi
  • A trash can for recycling and and a can for trash.  Here’s an opportunity to use your P-Touch
  • A printer and scanner combo
  • COFFEE technology, add an extra touch and stock with local coffee and speciality tea
  • A bookcase–consider leaving a space open for guests to keep their stuff 
  • A comfortable chair


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