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Here’s a little detail that solves an inconvenient problem.  Do you have lamps that are hard to access? Or need a dimmer but don’t want to hire an electrician?  There are several remote control lighting options that inexpensively provide quick solutions I love the Lutron Lamp Dimmer Kit which allows you to plug in two lamps, turn them on and off or dim them either manually  (which we use) or with smart home apps like Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and The Google Assistant.  This is a great feature for the bedside or where you have switches that are hard to reach.  
Similarly, if you have overhead lights with a switch that is inconveniently located here’s another way to solve the problem without having to call an electrician.    
Or you can step it up with a dimmable light bulb controlled by a remote.  This version allows the convenience of dimmable LED bulbs without a full smart home set up.
Remember, little details get great reviews.  Removing obstacles and creating an easy guest experience will pay off in the long run.  These remote controls are inexpensive options that can step up the guest experience.