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Quality listings boost bookings. One way to create a standout listing is to feature a  wow moment: a focal point, something memorable that says you are here.  This posts lists a few inexpensive ways to add bang to your photos. Bonus they also create social media moments.  

  •  A chalkboard mural adds a personal touch. Use it to leave a personalize welcome message, but also post must see things to do, wifi info, ect. or leave a space for a guest to write a message.  I mean, how often do you get to legit write on the walls?
  • A statement mural can reinforce your theme. Are you creating a romantic escape? Nothing says romance like giant blooming peonies. 
  • A custom longitue / latitude poster is  great way to say you are precisely, exacty here.  
  • We love maps. We’ve written articles on decorating with maps.  We say go all in with a wall sized map mural to evoke wander lust in your guests.
  • Whether its 90210 or 27701, a custom zip code poster adds a little “you are here’ pizzaz.
  • Don’t have a great view?  Create a dreamy landscape with a wall sized mural. 

There are endless ways to create a unique space that stands out in the listings.  What’s your best trick, let us know.

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