About us

the comforts of home

We love to find ways to feel at home wherever we go. And we want you to have all the tools you need to offer that opportunity to your guests.

Sharing Ideas

We are both ideas people. Don’t get us wrong, we get stuff done too, but we always have a ton of ideas! So we created this space to share them. 

Caring for our Planet

We’re also really committed to doing right by this planet we call home! So you’ll often see suggestions for how to make you STR more eco-friendly!


Design Inspiration:  My grandmother on my mother’s side loved design and fashion and brought both into her everyday life.  She fell in love with high-gloss kelly green floors that she saw in House Beautiful and had my grandfather paint her living room floors that weekend.  She and my grandfather spent their weekends travelling the mid-atlantic looking for antiques that spoke to them. They always preferred simple, clean and practical furniture over heavily ornate and formal pieces.  I definitely follow in their footsteps.  

Hobbies: I’m in a coed book club that meets every week.  We read all kinds of books that I would never read on my own.  I walk almost every day and practice pilates.

My Superpower: Being a good listener who can translate other people’s ideas into reality.

Dream vacation: I really want to go to Patagonia and Buenos Aires. 

Best short term rental experience: I’ve had lots, but my favorite was renting a little house in West Hollywood for my mom’s 80th birthday. It was a way to have the whole family come together in one place and be completely relaxed.  

Pets:  I have a big orange cat named Marky.  He’s everything. 

Volunteer:   I’m on the board of two local nonprofits in my town of Durham, NC.  One focuses on advocating for great urban design and the other is working to increase health and beauty in Durham by planting trees.  


Marketing  Inspiration: The psychology and neuroscience of how and why humans make decisions fascinates me to no end. My marketing hero is the legendary Seth Godin, of course, followed closely by Ann Handley. I am inspired by companies and organizations who use the science of marketing to inspire their customers to be better people, make choices that make the world a better place, and spread their message  all at the same time. 

Hobbies:  Gardening is my #1 hobby. I grow medicinal herbs, a pollinator garden, and lots of veggies. I also love playing games (board and yard) and creating art (the a.d.d. means my medium changes all the time!) 

My superpower: My superpower is the ability to turn what you want to say, into what others will actually be able to hear. 

Dream vacation:  I really want to stay in a tree house in New Zealand and/or Peru.  And I gotta see the Northern Lights in Northern Norway or Iceland. 

Best short term rental experience:  I got into this work because most of my stays have left something (or a lot) to be desired. So, I have to say I’m still waiting for the best one! Maybe it’s the next one – I’ll keep you posted 😉 

Pets: Buddy is an adorable beagle-terrier mix who once belonged to my grandfather. Jackson Lucille is a rat terrier who is so special she has her own instagram account. Mr. Kitten Wittles is an amazing orange tabby who stores golden light from the sun and give it back to people who need it.  PamPam is a solid black mini-panther who does what he wants, always. 

Volunteer: In the last 5 years I have sat on the board of 2 local non-profits, been a member of the NC state steering committee for domestic violence prevention, and supported emergency hurricane relief efforts after Hurricanes Florence and Michael devastated much of the state of NC.