Happy Customers. Happy Teams.

Well-designed spaces + intentional customer experience design for businesses of all types.

Customer Experience Mapping & Design

  • Trace your customers steps from initial awareness of your business to after-sales follow-up in order to fully understand their journey in order to identify:
    • potential barriers to sales and highlight pain points that you can eliminate
    • areas where added benefits can increase customer satisfaction and foster loyalty
    • opportunities to streamline your operations and create efficency with your teams.

Spaces Designed for Customer Satisfaction

  • Apply the results of your customer experience mapping session to your physical space in order to:
    • improve flow from entry to exit to maximize customer delight 
    • make it easy and effortless for customers to use your services or shop your retail 
    • create a space where customers look forward to returning time and time again to enjoy your goods and services. 

For any business, be it retail, restaurant, healthcare, or law offices, the way your customers experience  what you offer determines whether they will be a longterm clients or looking for a quick exit. Let’s work together to build a space that fosters longterm relationships with clients who will continue to return, time and time again, to enjoy your goods and services. Contact Amy & Elizabeth to set up a free consultation, today.