Why, Thank You!

I’m not going to lie, over the past 18 months I’ve struggled to keep hold of my will to move forward, my understanding of time and my basic fashion sense, but I’ve come to realize one universal truth: gratitude is essential to getting through the darkest days. Be it for big or little things, being thankful can help you put one foot in front of the other when you just want to sit on the sofa. Gratitude for the sun coming out after a storm, for the wisdom of a friend and business partner who knows how to novitiate when you just want to give up or you, or all the work of the scientists and public health system that have gone into putting that sweet, sweet vaccine in your arm provide proof that life is worth the effort of living.  Practicing gratitude has many facets.  Simply noticing and acknowledging is its basic, simple core, but there are some things and people who deserve more: clients who have help us grow our business, vendors who have gone above and beyond to make us look good or friends and family who have opened their doors or homes to care for us. While often an email or a note will suffice, sometimes we need to say it with something extra, a box of cookies, a bottle of wine or other thoughtful gift. We are here at So Well Appointed love to give presents (we also don’t mind getting them). 

Back in June Amy had a major project, that involved printing multiple versions of a various ad campaigns to over 100 nonprofit agencies in North Carolina.  The logistics would make your head spin, but she found a magic printer, Smartpress in Minnesota, that could fulfill the job beautifully, on time and on budget.  It was definitely going to be a major effort for this group, so she sent cookies to thank and motivate the staff.  Tank Goodness Cookies was on the case, delivering dozens of warm cookies to the Smartpress staff on a moments notice.  The cookies were a hit and Amy is still getting emails about them in August, she has a developed a trusted vendor, who knows that she values their dedication and diligence.

We thought it would be fun to share stories of thank you and other gifts to inspire you to acknowledge that person or company who did that thing that made you smile.  You can share your favorite story of thank you you have given or received #whythankyou on Instagram.